Is A Pre-Registered Van?

Also referred to as ‘nearly new’ or ‘delivery mileage’, a pre-registered van is a new commercial vehicle that is purchased by a dealership directly from the manufacturer and registered in their name. For example, the vans we buy from our various manufacturers are registered under Pure Vans. This makes us the first official registered keeper on the V5C certificate.

Although there isn’t a strict definition of what a pre-registered van is, typically they will come with under 200 delivery miles and be less than six months old. Unlike ex-demo vans, they will not have previously been used in a showroom for test drives or employee transport. Nearly new vehicles are moved around the country on transporters to preserve their low mileage.

We stock a great range of vans for sale that appeal to many buyers. We aim to give you the very best deal for your money so you can walk away satisfied, benefiting from top class service and a high-quality pre registered van.

Advantages Of Buying A Pre-Registered Van

Everyone in the motor industry has targets they need to hit – every month, every quarter, every year. In order to make a profit, the factory needs to build a certain number of vehicles; if a brand doesn’t hit its sales target, there can be huge financial penalties from the company Head Office.

Let’s suggest a brand has an annual target of 100,000 vans, but only manages to sell 90,000 to actual customers. The difference of 10,000 commercial vehicles may well be registered by dealerships enabling the brand to hit their target.

Here at Discount Van Sales, we capitalise on this situation and pass the advantages to our customers.


You can expect to receive huge discounts – potentially up to 50% – when you choose a pre-registered van over a brand new version. By registering it in our name first it technically becomes a used van even though it has minimal mileage and is likely only a few weeks or months old.

Although you won’t receive any deposit contributions if you’re looking to buy the van on finance, there will be a significant saving of several thousand pounds compared to the list price.


Pre-registered vans have already been built, so you don’t need to wait for a factory order to roll off the production line and potentially be imported into the UK – a process that can take several months.

All the nearly new vans that we sell are in stock and ready to be delivered to your door as early as the next working day completely free of charge (within mainland UK).


Buying a pre-registered van means that you don’t have control over the colour, specification level, engine or options fitted to the vehicle. However, manufacturers tend to build extra versions of the best-selling models with the most popular options.

As a result, you’re likely to find a van in the size you want with an engine chosen by most users. In addition, pre-registered vans are typically the higher trim levels with more premium features such as innovative technology and state-of-the-art safety systems.


Often cited as a disadvantage for buying a pre-registered van, we suggest that it’s actually an advantage. Yes, it’s true that the manufacturer warranty starts when the vehicle is registered and not when it’s sold to a genuine customer.

However, as outlined earlier, nearly new vans are typically less than six months old, so you will still benefit from at least two and a half years’ worth of the manufacturer warranty (or longer if they offer more than the standard three years e.g. Hyundai).

Disadvantages Of Buying A Pre-Registered Van

Despite the many advantages listed above, purchasing a pre-registered van might not be the best option for every business.


Unfortunately, we don’t have control over the vans that are built and as such can only provide a selection of the models available to us. By opting for a pre-registered van you won’t be able to specify the vehicle’s colour, features or engine.


In order to pass on massive discounts, we have to become the first owner of the van. As a result, this makes you the second owner which can impact the resale price because you won’t be able to advertise it as ‘one previous owner’.


If a new vehicle is written off in its first year on the road, most insurance policies will replace it with another brand new van; however, you have to be the first registered keeper for this to apply. The insurance company’s valuation of a pre-registered van is likely to be significantly less than the price you paid because it will be for a two-owner vehicle.

To mitigate this potential shortfall, you could invest in a GAP insurance policy which will pay the difference between the insurance company’s settlement figure and the amount you paid for the van.


When you find a used van that looks like a bargain you have to act quickly to buy it before someone else does because once it’s gone, there isn’t another one like it. Pre-registered vans work in a similar way.

Although we have multiple versions of a particular model, we only have a limited amount of stock and we can’t guarantee to get the same van back in stock at the same price. So, if you find the van you need at a price you like, it’s advisable to act swiftly or risk missing out.

Pre-Registered Vans From Discount Van Sales

We exclusively sell pre-registered vans from the UK’s most popular manufacturers including CitroenFiatFordHyundaiMercedesMitsubishiNissanPeugeotRenaultVauxhall and Volkswagen. All our vans are sourced directly from manufacturers and are not imported.

You can expect discounts up to 42% and have your nearly new van delivered directly to your door completely free of charge within mainland UK.

We also have van finance options available to our customers at amazing rates. This will be subject to a credit check, so please apply for eligibility and if successful, you may be able to benefit from one of our incredible offers. 

Don’t hesitate to contact any of the staff who will gladly assist you in any way they can.