Getting your van wrapped can have massive benefits for your business when it comes to marketing and getting yourself known. Over time, it can easily pay you back the money you invested to get it done and then some! One of the best ways nowadays for people to be able to get your name and contact information to do further business in your chosen profession. This blog will go through all the pro’s cons and tools you will need to make it happen.


Many people do this nowadays to get the word out about their business. Maybe you are a brick and mortar contractor that needs a few extra jobs every month, or you are a mobile dog walker that has a few extra slots for walking this week. Either way, this is a great opportunity to get business without every having to pursue the buyer yourself. Yes, of course, you will have to answer the phone or email and set up the appointments, however, getting up to that point should be effortless for you.


If for whatever reason you decide that you would like to change your design then that’s a lot easier to do that getting your car sprayed. If you change your company name, or any of the details that include your business are no longer valid then you can easily get it removed, then have the new details re-wrapped on to the same vehicle with no hassle or damage to your paint job.


From the time it takes you to get a logo created, a catchy yet clean slogan, and your design information to a wrapping professional, this can be a very quick turnaround time. Planning is the key here, as I know most businesses rely on their vans heavily to make them money every single day. So make sure that you do your due diligence on the company that you want to wrap your vehicle, have all the information ready, and then start comparing quotes. This will ensure that when you are ready to make a decision, your vehicle will spend as little time as possible getting wrapped and can get back to do what it does best, making you money.


The wrap can actually protect your paint from getting scratched and scored. A lot of debris that comes up off the ground, especially on the motorways can be damaging to your paintwork. Having your vehicle wrapped will mitigate the chances of any stones flicking up off the road and chipping the outer coating of your paint, and could save you a lot of money in repairs.



Logos and the wording you choose will leave a lasting impression on passers-by. Not to mention, that some of them will be passing at a decent speed so all of this will have to be crystal clear to make sure that they will remember your brand. Make sure that the color of your font and logo is extremely visible.

Here are a couple of tools that can help get you started…


Canva is a great tool that has free and paid logo services that are professional and affordable. You can choose from a wide range of great designs with beautiful colours and fonts to match. Perfect if you do not have a large budget to start with.


You can also leverage Fiverr, which is a website that will allow you to find digital marketers and logo designers that will be able to create a professional logo for your business at a very cost-effective price. This will require you to set up a profile but can be very easy to do, and then you simply input all the details that you would like to


Having a professional email can really set you apart from the crowd. What I mean by a professional email is not I don’t know about you, but if I see two vans side by side that both do the same job, and I set one email on one van and the other email on the other van… I will choose the person that has taken the time to create a professional email and will see them as an authority when it comes to their profession.

You can create a Gmail email and then simply create a G Suite account. Its really easy to set up and will give you step by step instructions on how exactly to do connect them both and have all your Gmail emails forwarded to your new, professional email.


Short and sweet is the theme here. Try and think of something that you want to be remembered for. Let’s try a few examples. Let’s say for example you are a local plumber, and you know that it can be a messy job, or the people in your area may not be that tidy. A good slogan for this particular situation might be “no stress and no mess”. Something short and sweet that will be appealing to the buyer. Really think about what they will be going through and what they will be feeling. Try to make them feel good and at ease when they read your slogan, this will increase your chances of them giving your business a phone to carry out the work.


Less is definitely more when it comes to this scenario, too many times vans have been overly designed with too many words and a logo that they think looks cool but really just gives people a headache. It only takes a quick observation of some of the biggest companies in the world to see that you don’t need a massively complicated logo to generate great amounts of business. Look at Apple, for example, they have an extremely simple logo, and their name is only 5 letters. Very simple, short and sweet… plus everybody remembers who they are. Follow suit with this methodology and it will produce great things for your business in terms of being remembered.


Certificates are a huge thing to leverage, even if the particular person doesn’t know what they mean. It plays on the ‘authority bias’ that we humans have installed in us. We go and do business with people that we believe are an authority. How does one get authority? achieve great things in their space and then tell people about it. There is no greater way of getting the word out than sticking it on the side of your van. try to get as many relevant certificates in your niche as humanly possible and then use the most important, well-known certificates for example to boost your authority and notoriety.


Wrapping is a great option for your vehicle, it has many benefits that we have talked about in this blog, and can be a great revenue-generating business investment for you and your business. So get to thinking, what colours and slogan will you come up with for your next business van wrap?