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New Peugeot Van Deals

At Discount Van Sales, we are excited to showcase our range of new and pre-registered Peugeot vans, including the versatile Partner, Expert, and Boxer models. Each Peugeot van we offer is sourced from a main UK dealer, ensuring they are genuine, non-imported vehicles, and part of our commitment to providing the cheapest brand new vans in the UK. Peugeot has built its reputation on delivering commercial vehicles that excel in capacity, reliability, flexibility, driving pleasure, style, and low running costs. These core principles define the Peugeot range, ensuring that each van is perfectly suited to meet the needs of businesses, whether for construction sites, urban deliveries, or trade purposes.

Capacity is a critical factor for any van, and Peugeot ensures that even the compact Partner van boasts impressive statistics. With a load volume up to 3.9m³, a load length of up to 2.15m, and a total payload of up to 1,000kg, it can comfortably carry two Euro pallets even in its standard form. This makes it a prime choice for those in search of new small vans for sale. At the other end of the spectrum, the larger Boxer van offers a load volume of up to 17m³. Peugeot’s commitment to reliability and low running costs is evident in the advanced technology used in their vans. The range features economical BlueHDI diesel engines, which are both powerful and efficient, minimising trips to the fuel pump and making them some of the best new van offers available. 

The flexibility of Peugeot vans is another standout feature, with most models available in various heights, lengths, payloads, and configurations. This variety ensures that businesses can find a commercial vehicle that perfectly fits their specific needs. The Boxer van, for example, is also available in chassis cab and can be configured as a dropside or tipper variant. Peugeot has also focused on style and driving pleasure, creating a range of stylish vans that are practical and enjoyable to drive. The innovative i-Cockpit interior design in every Peugeot model includes features like Bluetooth connectivity, DAB Radio, and a compact steering wheel, enhancing the driving experience to resemble that of a car.

Since 1992, Peugeot vans have been recognised internationally, with the Partner Van recently winning the International Van of the Year 2019, a testament to Peugeot’s excellence in commercial vehicle design. At Discount Van Sales, we offer brilliant deals on new Peugeot vans, including pre-registered vans for sale. Explore our inventory today to find the perfect Peugeot van that aligns with your business needs and offers unmatched value.