Driving a van on a daily basis is an essential for a lot of people, whether you work in a trade, transport goods, do long haul, or simply prefer their driving style, you’ll want to ensure you are getting the most out of your chosen vehicle. 

Looking for the best new van deal is a high priority, but there is an awful lot of information out there, a lot of it all contradictory. Throughout this blog, we will explore the many factors you should consider when seeking out the best new van for sale: what you should look for, what you should ask, and even consider if buying outright is the best option. 

What To Check For in a New Van

When it comes to looking for a new van for sale, the devil is often in the details. No matter what your purpose for the van, knowing what to look out for can take the deal from essential to marvellous. Here are 5 key factors to consider when looking for a new van for sale. 

  1. Cost of Ownership: this goes far beyond just the initial price of the van, you will want to factor in fuel efficiency, road tax and insurance. Even though some new vans for sale might have a higher upfront initial cost, they could actually work out cheaper in the long run.
  2. Warranty: Check the warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer and consider purchasing an extended warranty for added peace of mind. When looking for extended vehicle warranties, be sure to check out Best4 Warranty.
  3. Dealership Reputation & After Sale Services: securing a good new van deal is far more than just the price, if you have a reputable dealership backing you, you will be assured for years to come. 
  4. Safety Features: Ensure that the van is equipped with essential safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability control.
  5. Financing Options: never rush into buying a new van for sale, if you think you need to deliberate on price, there are many options available to you, such as leasing. 

What Questions Should I Ask When Looking into a New Van deal

It goes without saying, the best way to assess a new van is to see it in person. This said, you might not be able to gauge everything you need to know purely from inspection. Here are a few questions that you must ask the dealer or seller about the vehicle before signing on the dotted line.

  1. How does the vans resale value compare to its initial price?
  2. Have there been any recalls or issues with this model in the past?
  3. Can the van be customised to suit specific business needs?
  4. Are there any features or technologies that can enhance fuel efficiency?
  5. How accessible are service centres for this particular model of new van for sale?

Buy a Van Outright or Lease?

Even before you have decided on the best new van deal, you will be actively thinking about how you are going to fund the purchase. Realistically there are two main options to you once you have decided which is the best new van deal, you can either buy the new van outright or lease it from the manufacturer/dealership. 

Buying a new van outright means it will be yours as soon as you sign for it. You pay the full agreed amount upfront and can drive it away immediately. On the other hand, you can lease it. This means you never actually own the van. You pay an initial rental fee to the dealership, followed by monthly instalments. At the end of the lease term, you return the van to the dealership, although some leases may offer the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term.

Advantages of Buying a New Van Outright

  1. Ownership Control: giving you complete control over its use, modifications, and sale without any restrictions.
  2. Avoid Interest Payments: you don’t have to pay interest on a loan or lease, saving you money in the long run compared to financing options.
  3. No Monthly Payments: freeing up your budget for other expenses or investments.
  4. Total Mileage and Usage Freedom: You can drive the van as much as you want without worrying about exceeding mileage limits or facing penalties.
  5. Potential Insurance Savings: Some insurers offer lower rates for owned vehicles, potentially saving you money on insurance premiums.
  6. Flexibility to Sell: You have the freedom to sell the van whenever you choose, without dealing with early termination fees or transfer complications.

In summary, buying a new van outright provides financial freedom, control, and potential cost savings compared to financing or leasing options.

Benefits of Leasing a Car

Leasing a car can be a great option if you want to refresh your new van deals to keep up to date with the latest models. Van leasing is a sensible way to drive a van for a fixed period of time without having any long term ties to it. Below, we will delve into the main factors to help you make an informed choice. 

  1. Lower Upfront Costs: making a new van deal more accessible for those with limited funds.
  2. Access to Newer Models: You can enjoy the benefits of driving a new vehicle without the commitment of ownership.
  3. Limited Maintenance Costs: Since leased vehicles are typically under warranty for the duration of the lease term, you may have lower maintenance costs as many repairs are covered by the warranty.
  4. No Resale Hassles: At the end of the lease term, you simply return the car to the leasing company, avoiding the hassle of selling it privately or trading it in.
  5. Fixed Depreciation: Since you’re only paying for the portion of the car’s value that you use during the lease term, you’re not affected by fluctuations in the car’s resale value, providing a predictable cost structure.

Ensuring you have all of the tools in your arsenal to make an informed decision when considering purchasing a new van for sale is essential. If you think you’re ready to take the next step and identify the best new van deal, just perfect for you, get in touch with us today. Discount Van Sales is an independent company specialising in sourcing new and pre-reg vans from a range of manufacturers. We cut out the middle man, with all of their vans being directly sourced, never imported. Simply browse the wide range of new vans on our website and find your perfect new van deal today.