Just as no two vans are the same, no two businesses are either. They require different features from the vehicles aiding them. A business van or commercial vehicle could be crucial to the success of your business. But with so many different business vans on the market, deciding on the right one for your needs can be tricky.

From cost and dimensions to wheelbase and fuel efficiency, several elements are crucial in the decision-making process. Given the nature of your profession or enterprise, a van often represents a significant investment and a key resource.

Continue reading to learn about the primary factors business owners should consider when selecting a van. Also, acquaint yourself with some essential enquiries to ponder before beginning your search.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Van Outright 

The excitement of acquiring a new van comes with numerous considerations, especially when weighing the pros and cons of a brand-new van outright in comparison to a pre-owned vehicle. Purchasing a new van comes with many advantages when factoring in it’s commercial use element. 

Reliability: The reliability of a van is paramount, as it affects not just the vehicle’s lifespan but also its ability to perform consistently under various conditions. Assessing the van’s reliability involves looking into the brand’s reputation, reading user reviews, and considering the frequency and cost of potential repairs.

Technology and Safety Features: Advancements in van technology can significantly enhance driving experience, fuel efficiency, and safety. Evaluate the available features, such as navigation systems, driver-assist technologies, and emission controls, to ensure they meet your needs and compliance standards.

Operational Costs: Consider the van’s fuel efficiency, insurance costs, and potential repair expenses. More efficient vans can offer long-term savings on fuel, while those with a reputation for durability may incur lower maintenance costs.

Cargo Space and Payload Capacity: Assess the cargo space and payload capacity to ensure the van suits your business requirements. Adequate space and the ability to handle the weight of your tools and materials are essential for operational efficiency. 

Resale Value: While depreciation is a factor for any vehicle, some vans retain their value better than others. Research the model’s market demand and resale value if you plan to upgrade or sell in the future.

Comfort and Ergonomics: If you spend long hours in your van, the comfort and design of the driver’s area are important. Look for ergonomic features that reduce strain during long drives, such as adjustable seats, good visibility, and easy-to-use controls.

Top New Vans to Buy Outright for Every Business Need

Choosing the right van for your business is more than just a purchase; it’s about finding the perfect partner for your daily grind. With so many options out there, pinpointing the best new van to buy outright involves a good look at what you really need. Do you prioritise space, fuel efficiency, or maybe the latest tech? Whether you’re zipping around town with deliveries or hauling heavy gear to job sites, the right van can seriously boost your business game. In this guide, we’re diving into a lineup of vans that are top picks for various business needs. From sleek, city-friendly models to tough, load-hauling vehicles, we’ve got the scoop on the best new vans that are ready to work as hard as you do.

For Plumbers: Renault Trafic SL30 Blue DCI 170 Auto EDC Extra Sport Panel Van

For plumbers, the Renault Trafic SL30 Blue dCi 170 Auto EDC Extra Sport Panel Van is a standout, offering features that directly impact the daily grind. The rear parking camera and sensors ease the stress of navigating tight job site spaces, while climate control keeps the cabin comfortable through seasons. Cruise control is a boon for those long stretches between jobs, ensuring a smoother, more economical drive. The 8″ touchscreen with navigation steers you clear of traffic snarls, ensuring punctuality. Inside, LED cabin lighting and comfortable seating mean you can start early or wind down late with less strain, finding tools and paperwork effortlessly. Safety features like lane departure warning and active emergency braking provide peace of mind during those busy days. Plus, its sleek design with full LED headlights not only aids visibility but also ensures you pull up to each job looking professional.

For Removal Companies: Citroen Relay 35 Heavy L3H2 BHDI 140PS Enterprise Edition

The Citroen Relay Heavy L3 H2 140ps BHDI Enterprise Edition Van shines for removal companies with its ample load space and smart features. Its spacious cargo area is perfect for handling large, bulky items, ensuring safe transport. Safety is bolstered by the full steel bulkhead, keeping the crew safe from shifting loads. On-the-go connectivity is a breeze with Bluetooth and steering wheel-mounted controls, allowing for safe call handling. The van’s comfort is enhanced with air conditioning, adjustable seating, and cruise control, making long trips more bearable. Efficient loading is facilitated by twin rear doors and a sliding side door, crucial for quick access during moves. Additionally, the van’s robust safety features and integrated navigation system add to its appeal as a top pick for removal companies needing a reliable, comfortable, and spacious vehicle.

For Construction: Citroen Relay L2 140PS BDHI Tipper

The Citroen Relay Tipper is tailor-made for the construction sector, particularly benefiting professionals like landscapers and those in light construction. Its standout feature is the 2,870mm long conversion body with an open load space, offering not just ample room for materials but also the convenience of easy access. The real game-changer, however, is the tipper function, which significantly speeds up the process of unloading rubble, soil, and other construction debris, making it a time and effort saver on site.

Accommodating up to three individuals comfortably in the cockpit means a team can travel together, which is ideal for collaborative projects. The van’s air conditioning ensures a comfortable ride in any weather.  Safety and security are well-addressed with ABS braking, remote central locking, and a perimetric alarm, ensuring both the vehicle and its load are protected. 

Designed with the construction field in mind, the Relay Tipper includes a double-skinned aluminium sideboard, multiple load-lashing rails, and a full birch non-slip deck, enhancing the safety and stability of the load. The electro-hydraulic lift with an automatic overload prevention system adds an extra layer of efficiency and safety, ensuring the van can handle the demands of construction work with ease. With these features, the Citroen Relay Tipper stands out as a robust, efficient, and reliable choice for construction professionals.

For Electricians: Citroen E – Berlingo M 50 KW Driver Edition

The Citroën Ë-Berlingo M 50KW Driver Edition is an excellent choice for electricians, thanks to its electric powertrain and a suite of features designed for practicality and efficiency. The electric nature of the van supports eco-friendly business practices, reducing carbon footprint while ensuring low running costs, a significant advantage for professionals who travel frequently to various job sites.

The rear parking sensors and camera are particularly beneficial for electricians who often navigate tight urban spaces or crowded job sites, ensuring safe and efficient parking and reversing. With an 800 kg maximum indicative payload and ample internal dimensions, the Ë-Berlingo offers sufficient space to carry tools, equipment, and supplies. The practical features like the full bulkhead protect the cabin from shifting loads, while the 6 load tie-down hooks in the cargo area help secure equipment during transit.

Safety features such as Electronic Stability Control, ABS with hill start assist, and a Thatcham category 1 approved alarm with tilt sensor offer peace of mind, knowing that both the van and its contents are secure. The nearside sliding door and 180-degree opening rear doors facilitate easy access to tools and materials, streamlining the workflow on site.

For Contractors & Site Managers: Ford Ranger Wildtrak 205PS Double Cab Automatic

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak 205PS Double Cab is an ideal pick for contractors and site managers, offering a powerful 1996 cc diesel engine paired with an automatic gearbox for reliable performance. Its 5-seat crew cab ensures ample space for your team, combining comfort with practicality, ideal for coordinating on the go. With a significant load capacity of 1024 KG, it’s equipped to haul tools and materials effortlessly, making it a versatile asset on any construction site. Safety and security features add an extra layer of assurance, keeping both crew and cargo secure. This pick-up truck stands out as a robust, all-encompassing vehicle tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the construction industry.

In wrapping up, it’s clear that finding the right van for your business isn’t just about picking any vehicle; it’s about choosing a partner that aligns with your business needs, ethos, and the daily demands of your work. 

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