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The Mitsubishi Group is a Japanese association of independent multinational Japanese companies. This group of companies are as an entity known as the Mitsubishi Keiretsu and is involved in various businesses. Mitsubishi was originally founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki as a shipping company. Over the 20th century the company expanded to become involved in banking, trading, industrial entities, motors, nuclear power and chemicals.

All Mitsubishi vans are reliable, built to last and created to high safety standards. A fervent work ethic is embedded in the construction of each van and the van will provide worry-free motoring to any driver.

The Shogun van is a 4x4 with exceptional reliability, thanks to its four-wheel independent suspension, drivetrain and superior traction control system. Reliable technology and 3 years free servicing make for a hassle free drive. With a powerful, yet economical engine, you can’t go far wrong. The Barbarian is a long-cab pick-up that works equally well as a work vehicle or passenger car. Comfortable, with a 175bhp engine and five-speed automatic gearbox, you can drive easy knowing that the Barbarian has a new stability control system in place. As the Barbarian is only 1.8m wide, it has a small turning circle which makes it handy in cities. Another stylish van from the Mitsubishi range is the Warrior. With good looks and stability control, working will be a pleasure when you’re driving a Warrior. Creature comforts, seatbelts all round, side impact bars, and a very large boot make this van suitable for work or pleasure.

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