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IVECO stands for Industrial Vehicles Corporation. It is an Italian company who manufacture industrial vehicles and buses. Fiat has overall control of IVECO, which in turn has around 5,000 sales and assistance points in over 160 countries. The name IVECO originated from an amalgamation of German, French and Italian brands in 1975.

IVECO’s vans offer both high capacity and efficient productivity. They are agile, robust and suited to any location, whether in a busy city or doing long haul journeys.

The New Daily Van is powerful yet economical, with a fuel-efficient engine. It manoeuvres well in traffic and can deliver goods on time, even over long distances. Whether your work is based in the town or in the countryside, an IVECO van will suit the job. The van has 9 engine versions ranging from 106 to 205 HP and has a loading capacity of up to 3 tonnes. You can choose from three wheelbases, three interior heights and four lengths, equalling a staggering eight load volumes. The load volumes range from 7 to 17 cubic metres.

The Daily vans have a solution to every need. You can load up to 6 Euro pallets and the rear doors open to 270 degrees in order to decrease the amount of exterior clearance needed. Loading and unloading has never been easier. With sufficient headroom, taller drivers and workers will have none of the discomfort they may have experienced in other vans. Overall, daily vans are agile and quick, making them the perfect solution to your business needs.

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The IVECO range provides a robust hard working everyday van that you will not be disappointed in..

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